Designing a new test result experience for Thriva.

As the service grows in features and capabilites, the test result experience of our customer went through a series of incremental changes. Over the course of a few months we introduced new, more precise test ranges, improved information architecture, visual information and added new features and content.

My role

User testing

Type of project

Product Design

Information UX

Improving clarity of information, through design.

One of the main objectives for the redesign was to make the content more easy to read and understand. That was achived by making the page more easy to scan, improving call to actions, as well as refining the look of the oveall page, through color and typography.

Key issues with the old design

The tag that comes with each group of individual tests was often confused for a button.

The call to action view results was unclear. Its positioning also made the content less scannable.

The next to each test is not accessible.

The doctors comments get lost in the page and it’s contrast makes it poorly accessible.

Key improvent

Scannability was improved throught the use of larger typography, and by re-ordering the content of each test.

Call to action were improved by introducing signifiers, like the chevron, as well as through the use of white space, and careful positioning.

The was ditched in favour of clear, accessible, text based lables.

The doctors comments are visually separate from the results.

New features

Introducing result trend earlier in the result experience

A feature Thriva customers love is the trend graph. But with the old design the users could only see it on a separate page than their main results page. With the redesign of the result experience we decided make trends an integral part of the main results pages.

Introducing health insights.

With the help of an internal tool, customers are now able to see the links between medical conditions, diseases and their individual tests. In order to visualise all this wealth of information I designed a new component that allows user to explore and learn more about all these links.

Health plan

Supporting users on their improvement journey.

Aside from just telling them what goes well or not inside their body, Thriva also needs to tell them wha to do to improve. With each new set of results, customers now get personalised recommendations. 
The Health Plan was created as a way for them to pick a few, commit to them and keep track of them.

Using those principles as reference I started reworking the original logo. After exploring different ideas, I opted to keep the original playfulness of the smiley face but opted for a less caligraphic, more readable and not-too-serious typeface.